Mortgage rates

You have a project of acquisition of real estate?

Looking for the best mortgage rates for your project?

The Censeo team helps and advises you in order to obtain the best mortgage rate for your project and your situation thanks to its partnerships with many financial institutions.

Mortgage rates

An overview of mortgage rates in Switzerland?



5-year fixed mortgage


10-year fixed mortgage


15-year fixed mortgage


These interest rates are only indicative and will be updated regularly (current status as of 27.02.2024). They do not constitute a binding offer of financing.

The importance of the role of mortgage rates in your project

  • You want to buy a property, but your own funds are probably not enough to cover the full amount of the purchase? You can then take out a mortgage.
  • This is the capital you need to borrow for this purchase, or in other words, it is a loan secured by real estate. The amount of the mortgage depends on the value of the property, which is itself determined by the financial institution.

What is a mortgage rate?

The mortgage puts a property “in pledge” and if you do not pay back your real estate loan, the financial institution can seize it to put it on sale and thus, by this way, recover the money that was lent to you. This is called a mortgage. The mortgage rate is the interest rate charged for this mortgage. Rates vary regularly. Our partnerships allow us to offer attractive interest rates to our clients.

Mortgage interest

Mortgage interest is calculated as a percentage of the mortgage amount.

Which mortgage to choose?

The evolution of past rates is an exact science. On the other hand, tomorrow’s mortgage rates are completely uncertain. In this context, it is imperative to choose a financial package in line with one’s own sensitivity.

Thus, those who fear a rise in interest rates will opt for a fixed mortgage, while those who are confident will opt for a SARON mortgage.

Without an opinion, it will probably be interesting to explore a mixed solution. CENSEO will be able to offer you the right choice of financial plan. Your CENSEO real estate financing specialist will give you the knowledge you need to choose the right solution for you.

Conclusion: Your personal profile + our experience = The right solution