Renewing your mortgage financing

Renewing your mortgage financing

Are you looking to renew your mortgage financing, which is due to expire in the next few months?

If you need to renew your mortgage in less than 2 years, don’t wait any longer and start the process of analyzing the best options available to you. You can decide to continue with the same lender, or you can decide to change lenders by mandating us, free of charge, to find the best solution and the best rates for you, among the market proposals.

Renewal of mortgage financing

Renewing mortgage financing is an important step for property owners. When the initial term of a mortgage comes to an end, it’s essential to make informed decisions to ensure the continuity of your property’s financing.

Understanding mortgage renewal

Mortgage renewal involves renegotiating the terms of your mortgage before the initial term, usually between 5 and 15 years, comes to an end. During this period, you may have repaid part of your loan, and your financial situation may have changed. Mortgage renewal allows you to review the terms of your loan to take these changes and current market conditions into account, and possibly explore other available options.

Renewal options

By mandating Censeo to help you renew your mortgage financing, you :

Get better rates

Increase your mortgage ceiling

by revaluing your property

Get informed answers to your questions

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to renewing your mortgage financing, we’re here to advise, support and guide you through the process.

Over the last few years, the market has evolved significantly and now includes many different actors. It’s precisely this evolution that makes our support essential during your mortgage renewal, as it can offer you a key opportunity for optimal management of your property and assets.